Betallic 36-Inch "Squirrel" Woodland Critter Foil Balloon - MS0RB9QGM

Betallic 36-Inch Squirrel Woodland Critter Foil Balloon - MS0RB9QGM
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  • Aluminium coated nylon foil balloon 36 inch (flat)

  • With self sealing automatic valve

  • Suitable for air and helium filling

  • Lovely naive Design

  • refillable

  • The Woodland Critters are going ! This beautiful foil balloon comes as a sweet and lovely naive Squirrel. The balloon can be filled with helium or with air (by a straw or a pump). Tipp: the balloons can be always refilled by the automatic valve. After a helium filled balloon gets a bit baggy ( after app. 1-2 weeks) you can refill it 1-2 times with air, which saves helium. You can do it as long as it is still enough helium inside to float the balloon. Safety remark: Please never breath helium consciously to get a high voice because it replaces the oxygen in the lungs and can cause suffocation.

    Box Contains

    1 Foil balloon

    Betallic 36-Inch "Squirrel" Woodland Critter Foil Balloon - MS0RB9QGM

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